Princess Wilderness Lodge G Bldg, Harper

Riley Creek Campground

Denali National Park & Preserve

Alaska, The Last Frontier, is home to the tallest peak in North America. Denali is a striking 20,310 ft tall and is draped with glaciers containing melt water that run a stunning turquoise.

Worthy of our Worship

One time when I was walking outside I was looking at the mountains that surrounded our employee housing and I was just blown away…

Marvel, Awe & Reverence

Denali is by far the most majestic and expansive wilderness I have ever experienced.

Dream Come True

The best thing about this summer for me was ALASKA. Seriously, being here has reminded me so much of the character of God…

In Midst of Chaos

One of the best things about ACMNP and seasonal work is that you become close friends with people who in “normal life” you would not normally seek out…

Lessons For A Lifetime

I spent four summers with ACMNP at the following National Parks: Rocky Mountain, Denali, Grand Teton and Glacier during 1986-1989.