Worthy of our Worship

One time when I was walking outside I was looking at the mountains that surrounded our employee housing and I was just blown away by the thought that the same God who had created something that impressive and that beautiful had taken the same care and purpose to create each individual person I worked and lived with.

It made me think about how many individual stories everyone had that helped shape who they are and it made me feel so overwhelmed; I couldn’t fathom how God was able to deeply care about every single one.

The picture that Creation painted for me gave me a deeper compassion for my co-workers because I knew God saw them to be just as beautiful.

Worthy of our Worship

The expanse and complexity of this place was a constant reminder of how big God is. The mountains were huge, but they were extremely intricate, and God designed them down to the very last detail. How much thought must have gone into designing this place?

It’s hard to comprehend. It’s definitely reassuring to know that I have trusted my life to a God who is that powerful, caring, and attentive.

The beautiful places He creates serve as extra proof that He is worthy of all of our worship!

Kate O., Denali National Park, 2014

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