Divine Appointments in Disguise

How I love this place. I love it so much that I came back a second season. This is my place for a while, that is until God says “Go”, then I will go. This story I am going to share is not a high mountain top divine appointment, but instead was a little, ordinary divine appointment. The type of divine appointment that happens on a daily basis that we can participate in if we are aware, paying attention and listening to the nudges and whispers of the Holy Spirit.

Divine Appointments in Disguise

I was at work and helping a customer pick a sticker for her water bottle. Once she had checked out and had been given the change, she asked where I was from. When I told her I was originally from Wisconsin, she asked how I got to Maine. I then told her about ACMNP and my ministry here. She smiled and said, “awesome” and then left the store.

About twenty minutes later, she came back into the store and said I charged her for two stickers. I apologized and asked if she wanted her cash back or if she just wanted another sticker.

She chose to get her cash back, I reached my hand out with her change, but she said “no I don’t want it. I’m not Christian, and I am not sure there is a God, but it feels right for you to put my change in the offering plate on Sunday towards your ministry. Also please keep me in your prayers; I have been going through a difficult time the last couple years.” And on that note, she left my store.

It was only $7.25 however, that $7.25 made a huge impact on me that week. Through many conversations and stories just like this, amazing things happen. Take that step of faith and tell people how you got to where you are. Some people may grumble, but most will be encouraging. It’s the little mundane, ordinary bits like this that make the “mountain top experiences” amazing. Also, once you leave the park, a place you once called home, you’ll miss the little mundane things. The commute to work, that one guy who walks his huge fluffy white dog to the fountain at 10am every morning, the monotony of the simple, everyday things. Those are divine appointments in disguise.

Danie H., Acadia National Park, 2017

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