Marvel, Awe & Reverence

Denali is by far the most majestic and expansive wilderness I have ever experienced. The sheer size of the park and the mountains stretches the mind and imagination past comprehension. Our first hike in the park was a summit hike up Polychrome Mountain.

I looked out over the valley to the mountain range beyond it. I expected to see one row of mountains, but instead saw dozens.

There were endless rows of snow-capped peaks stretching far beyond the eye could see. I have never felt so small or so empowered to worship the One who created those.

Marvel, Awe & Reverence

Another time I experienced God in His creation this summer was during a backcountry camping trip down the Toklat. The mountains and rivers were beautiful and breathtaking, but after seeing half a dozen grizzlies on our way out to our camp, we were all preoccupied with our safety to really notice much.

After a few hours hiking, we all relaxed a bit and could marvel in the power and rawness of such an animal and its environment.

This experience was not standing in awe of nature, but rather standing before it in fear. Not fear as in being fearful, but of respect and reverence of something, and therefore Someone, bigger and more powerful than us.

Jenny B., Denali National Park, 2014

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