Glacier Bay Lodge

Glacier Bay National Park

​​If you’re looking for one of the most remote, rugged, and spectacular wilderness sanctuaries left in America, Glacier Bay is your place!

Wonder of a Creature

The best thing about this summer was definitely the whales. I love whales! I loved going whale watching and seeing them in the bay.

Glory Revealed

As I walked down the beach one day I noticed that the color and type of shells changed periodically.

Surrounded by His Creation

We have a short trail near our lodge that is called the Forest Loop trail.

Called by God

I took a big risk coming to Alaska this summer. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself in to and I came because I felt like I was being called by God to serve here.

Beauty of Park’s Speak

I was talking with a lady, and she said to me, “If anyone doubts in the existence of God, they only need to come here.”

True Wilderness & Adventures

The best part of my summer with ACMNP was experiencing a place of true wilderness. National parks are protected for human enjoyment and scenic tourism.

Unified By Love

Perhaps the greatest and most challenging aspect of ACMNP is that it’s an interdenominational ministry.