Wonder of a Creature

The best thing about this summer was definitely the whales. I love whales! I loved going whale watching and seeing them in the bay.

I think it is truly amazing to work in a place where you can look out the window and see whales swimming around.

The first time I saw a whale breach it was like a lifelong goal had been accomplished. I had been dreaming about whales ever since I was in fourth grade and we studied them in science class.

Wonder of a Creature

The majesty and wonder of a creature that massive is nothing short of a miracle, and the fact that they are playful and not awful monsters to me is proof that God exists and is good.

The thought of several of them swimming under and around the boat was mind blowing.

This is not even considering the temperature of the water and how anything can survive in water that cold.
Daniel P., Glacier Bay National Park

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