20 Years Later

20 Years Later

My wife and I are in our 19th year of marriage.  We met while serving together with ACMNP at the Grand Canyon in the summer of 1999.  We were able to serve the Lord through bible studies, church services, vacation bible school, and so many other things.  We were also able to get to know … Continued

West Rim Worship Site (Mon-Sat)

Shrine of the Ages

Mather Campground Fire Circle

Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim

Commonly considered to be in the Boreal Life Zone, the North Rim is habitat to black bears, porcupines, elk, mountain lions, and the unique Kaibab squirrel found nowhere else in America!

Grand Canyon National Park – South Rim

At 15 miles across and one-mile-deep, the Grand Canyon is a World Heritage Site in northwestern Arizona that’s truly a marvel to behold.

​Changing the Course of our Lives

It all started when we got engaged our junior year at Austin College. I could say we felt called exclusively to serve in ministry…

A Wonderful Adventure

I never knew; I just never knew what I was about to experience.

Wholly Authentic

My summer with ACMNP changed my life. I was already comfortable sharing and speaking in front of groups of people.

Faith & Perseverance

I thought leadership meant doing everything myself or telling others what to do, but through ACMNP, I discovered that leadership was the ability to empower those…