Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

Utah’s Bryce Canyon is world famous for its geologic “Hoodoos” – red and orange limestone spires in bizarre shapes and sizes. Here you will find the largest collection of them in the world!

Bryce Canyon Lodge Auditorium

North Campground Amphitheater

Growing in Confidence

I will apply the confidence on stage, or stage presence that I gained through ACMNP.

Far From Easy

I grew in such miraculous ways this summer. I went into the summer expecting it to be a breeze.

Life-time Learner

Having graduated from seminary in the spring, I knew I still had more to learn about God and my faith.

Acknowledging Moments

My summer in Bryce taught me that while searching for God’s long term plan, I can’t forget that God is also using each passing moment to bring joy, peace, and growth into my life…

Go, Learn, Love & See

Spending a summer with ACMNP in Bryce quite literally changed my life.