Prayer & Stars

I saw God working though our ministry when a fellow employee had been in an accident on the roads and ended up in the hospital for weeks, in a coma for a couple days and not able to speak due to head trauma.

Someone bought a bunch of pizza and told people to meet in the common room where we’d take a few moments to pray for her and then they could have pizza.

So, even though I’m uncomfortable praying aloud, especially in a room full of non-Christians, my team members and I showed up and prayed and the next day we heard that she had made significant improvements in her recovery.

Prayer & Stars

I also made friends with a free-thinker from Vietnam and discovered that he loved stars and would star-gaze every chance he got so I asked him to watch Louie Giglio’s talk called Indescribable about the stars and how huge our God is. After watching it, he told me he thought he could become a Christian.

Jette G., Mount Rushmore National Memorial, 2014 & 2015

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