Summary of Zoom Video

How to Zoom

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Summary of the Zoom Video



The conference is split into two meeting styles:
1) Large Group Sessions (in Zoom Webinar)
2) Breakout Meetings (in Zoom Meeting)

The main difference is your role in them:
Large Group Sessions – You will be an “Attendee”.
a. Mic muted; video off
b. Office Staff will be “panelists” – mic and/or video on

Breakout Meeting – You will be a “Participant.”
a. Mic & video on
b. *Please mute yourself when you’re not talking*

Ways to participate in Large Group Sessions:
Chat – Icon with speech bubble at bottom, under videos.
a. Talk to others, ask general questions, or make comments.
b. Alum – be present here – you have a lot to share!

Q&A – Icon with two speech bubbles at bottom, under videos.
a. Submit a question for the National Office Staff to answer.

Polls – We will be launching polls throughout the large group sessions and sharing the results!

Breakout meetings will consist of:
1) Meeting your Team
2) Putting together a worship service with your team
3) Meeting with your Leadership Assessment Interpreter
4) Attending a Workshop
5) Participating in Q&A discussion topic

* Many of these Breakout meetings will break into smaller “rooms”, so you can meet with just your team/interpreter group.


If you have questions, please contact us at

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