Without an Agenda

I grew up in a Christian home, went to a Christian college, and then proceeded to work in a church. I had friends throughout my life that weren’t Christians, but I don’t know if I really knew how to make sense of people that didn’t believe in Christ.

I think I had a lot of stereotypes, several of which were correct, but several that weren’t.

Working in the National Park, I have had the privilege of working alongside many non-Christians that either grew up in the church and don’t “do church” now, have never gone to church and aren’t interested, are hostile towards the idea that God exists, and/or are “spiritual” in a general sense.

Without an Agenda

It’s been an incredible opportunity to be a Christian, but to be extremely subtle. I have created genuine friendships with my coworkers without any agenda. I felt a certain pressure to communicate truths when I worked in the church. Here, I feel no obligation to confront or exhort to Christ-likeness in my coworkers; my position has been to live with integrity while here.

My coworkers know that I’m a Christian and have initiated most conversations surrounding faith.

I don’t try to force any conversations, but rather try to allow the Lord to coordinate those times. To sum that up: I have grown a lot in learning how to live in community with those who are not Christians.

Dave M., Grand Teton National Park, 2015

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