Once in a Lifetime

My job gave me a huge opportunity to serve others. In the beginning of the season when we weren’t too busy, I was able to go and help other housekeepers once I had finished my work, when most people would just go home. I made myself available to step up and help – whether that meant making extra beds, scrubbing tubs, or restocking linen.

I even got recognized for my work with a “peak performance award,” which is like employee of the week. I always tried to do things like taking the heavier vacuum or giving someone extra towels when I knew they would run out. I just tried to be helpful and selfless.

I tried to think how I would feel if someone went the extra mile for me and that kept me motivated. In housekeeping, there was a lot of time to talk and have discussions so it was cool to be able to get to know others during work. I had many talks about God, religion, and faith so that was awesome!

After work one day I went on a hike with some friends and we took two girls from Thailand along with us. We thought they had hiked before but had not. They were completely unprepared mentally for the hike. This hike ended up being more of a climb. One of the Thai girls, was so afraid that she had to hold my hand the entire time or have three points of contact to the ground. Sometimes, she even crawled on the ground!

Once in a Lifetime

I prayed for patience and grace during this time because I knew that this would be a once in a lifetime experience for them, but I was so frustrated by their slowness. Through God’s grace, He blessed me with patience and both girls told me that that was one of the best things they did the entire summer.

Liz K., Glacier National Park, 2017

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