Natural Wonder & Uniquely Gifted

The Grand Canyon certainly lives up to its name Grand. Living on the edge of the canyon was an amazing experience. The first time you look out over the canyon you can’t help but feel in awe. Visitors come from all over the world to see the beauty, and impressiveness of this natural wonder. I feel the canyon itself is the best witness we can have in the park. The vastness and splendor of the canyon was all created by God. The rim worship site is gorgeous, the daily ACMNP services take place in the evening as the shadows dance across the plateaus and valleys throughout the canyon. I saw the canyon daily, worked next to the canyon and worshiped at the canyon, but I never tired of seeing it.

Every time I looked at the canyon it looked different, beautiful and unique. Gazing out over the immense expanse of the canyon gave me hope and confidence in God.

It strengthened my faith knowing the same God who created this remarkable canyon loves me. Its reminded me on a daily basis that God exists, and He is mighty and powerful, loving and gracious. This is the message that we shared with others through our services, our work and all our interactions that summer.

Natural Wonder & Uniquely Gifted

Another great witness we had at the Grand Canyon was the community. The ACMNP team we had that summer was a large team. We got along and worked together well. As a team we were able to have daily services on the rim of the Grand Canyon. On Sundays we had services at the rim and in the campground. We took turns leading worship and giving the message. We all had unique gifts to contribute to the services. Theses services allowed us to share the love of Jesus with many visitors that summer. Another wonderful part of the Grand Canyon community was the Grand Canyon Community Church. The members of the Grand Canyon Community Church were mentors to our team. They gave us their love and support and invited us into their homes and joined us in activities. They attended our services and gave us encouragement when we needed it. They challenged and reassured us in our faith. They were such a blessing to me and the whole team. My summer at the Grand Canyon was an experience that I will never forget. I am so grateful God gave me that opportunity to serve him in that beautiful place!

Renae S., Grand Canyon National Park, 2010

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