Like a Fairy Tale

My summer with ACMNP in Medora was the best summer of my life. It was a life changing experience and I still think about Medora every single day.

Medora is the kind of place that you don’t expect to be so amazing. North Dakota has a reputation for being an oil state with nothing but rolling plains and cattle pastures, and I think that’s part of what makes the watercolor canyons and pink sunsets over the junipers of Theodore Roosevelt National Park so incredible. The whole summer felt like a fairy tale, from the beauty of the wilderness around me to the beauty of the incredibly kind and loving souls who I lived alongside. Never in my life have I been so instantly accepted as family by a whole town of complete strangers.

Medora is so unique from the other parks in how accepting they are of Christian groups and how they truly support our growth and mission.

I went into my summer with ACMNP knowing that it was my job to minister to others but not knowing how, fearful I would make little impact, but feeling like this would help me grow in my faith. I was wrong. For the first time in my life people were actively turning to me for wisdom and deep spiritual questions and I began to watch the attendance at services grow. I watched people who were shaky in their faith to the point that I was scared to even mention ACMNP to them join me at Bible study and show me their favorite highlighted verses in the Bible I gave them. Those experiences gave me the confidence boost I needed to take my ministry to the next level and bring my knowledge of the Word to people in my home community and university.

Like a Fairy Tale

My experiences with ACMNP and the deep fellowship I felt in TRNP have inspired me to take a deeper step into faith in Christ and bring the knowledge of His love to more people. I have never felt as powerfully sure that I was doing God’s work and living out His mission for me than I did when I was serving in Medora. I want to relive this experience every day for the rest of my life!

-Elizabeth A., Theodore Roosevelt National Park, 2017

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