Experiencing Something New

I only served for one season, but it was one of the best experiences in my life. I joined because I wanted to experience something new and to test myself in a ministry role. I had thought that I would get more experience preaching, however, God had other plans.

I found that most of my ministry did not come from preaching but from my work ethic, attitude, and personal convictions.

Many people that I worked with or interacted with at work could tell that I was different even from other Christians they had met. I had a few coworkers that although they did not like to talk about religion, they enjoyed conversations with me. They said that unlike others they had met, I was not forceful about my faith; my faith and convictions were as natural for me to talk about as someone talking about their home.

Experiencing Something New

This whole experience God used to show me a greater picture of ministry than I originally had. It reminded me of a quote I really like: “Don’t focus so much on where you want to be that you forget to make the most out of where you are.” I may not have been in the role I had envisioned, but I was most definitely in the place and role I needed to be.

Matt F., Yosemite National Park, 2017

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