A Love So Undeniable

From beginning to end this ministry was God moving in my life. When I signed up for ACMNP I had just come out of an unhealthy relationship with my then fiancé. It had only been two weeks after the break-up, and I heard from ACMNP letting me know that I had been accepted into the program. In less than 48hrs I had money, time, and an excellent group of people who drove me up to the Rockies for the National Conference. My parents were excited to see me wanting to do this- I was leaving my home state for the first time ever by myself- and they were happy for me!

When I got to the Rockies, I met amazing women serving in other parks. They were the first indicator that I was among people who were actively seeking the Lord.

There is just something about being surrounded by people who are actively seeking the Lord; there’s a difference in their character, a love so undeniable. I felt as if I had known them for longer than the 48 hours we had been there. When I met my team, I wasn’t quite sure who these people were or how we were going to make it all summer together. We all started off very quiet. However, when the summer came about, and the waiting was over, we began to intentionally get to know each other. We settled in and started our first service. We had already pre-determined everyone’s team parts and I had been selected to be the leader. When I got that email, I was not happy about it, because I really wanted this summer to be more of a relaxing and healing time. I thought that as a leader I wouldn’t get that, but God knew – He had plans that I didn’t know about.

A Love So Undeniable

He sent a team here with every intention to love on each other and heal together. He sent a team that was willing and wanting to put themselves out there for Him at work and outside of work. My summer between the ministry, work and off days together, I learned about what the true nature of Christian brothers and sisters is. I have learned what healthy relationships between friends look like, who I am as an individual, and that God always has better plans. We may not have had many people show up at our events and services, but those who God did bring to us were thankful and felt that we made a huge difference. So, for me, that was enough. In addition, to all the amazing people that God placed in my life this summer, I also got to travel to many beautiful places of His creation that I have always wanted to see!

Celina S., Mesa Verde National Park, 2017

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