Google Classroom

Summary of Google Classroom Video

All Zoom links & conference materials will be located in Google Classroom. You will continue to have access to this throughout your season.
**Note, you will need a free Gmail account.**

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Join Now!
1) Navigate to
2) Click on the + in the top right corner
3) Choose “Join Class”
4) Class code – 3q2slt2

* Please keep this browser readily available as we will be accessing this page many times throughout the conference.

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Contents of Google Classroom

STREAM – A place to connect with one another throughout your season.
PEOPLE – You will see a list of names, but no contact information. “Classmates” are team members and “Teachers” are the National Office Staff
CLASSWORK – This is where we will post all resources and Zoom links for the conference.

* Please make sure you are logged into your Zoom account when accessing the Zoom links. If you have a different email you use for your Zoom account than the one we’ve been contacting you with, please let us know ASAP.

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