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A Word from the Director of
Program & Leadership

God may already be at work in your imagination about how you will make an impact “that will last forever.”

Pray for guidance as you explore the possibilities with ACMNP.  Do not underestimate the value of the personal experiences, education, and insights you bring to the park.


Pre-Conference Training and Preparation

Immediately after you “Accept the Call”…

  • You will receive further instruction for how to secure your seasonal employment.
  • You will be provided with training resources and information to connect with your team and park specific support committee.
  • You will receive regular e-mail communication from the ACMNP National Office.
  • You will begin making plans to attend our online National Training Conference.

Is it possible that you have been training for this opportunity all of your life?

Ministry in a national park is challenging and will highlight your strengths and expose opportunities for growth. Our alumni reflect that ministry with ACMNP is challenging, but it is one of the BEST ways to prepare for life-impacting ministry!



What we are looking for…

  • Mature followers of Jesus Christ who can affirm the principles of the Apostles’ Creed, a common statement of faith.
  • A desire to grow as a leader and experience a challenging ministry adventure.
  • A willingness to develop personal leadership and servant capacities.
  • The ability and willingness to partner with people from different Christian backgrounds and denominations.
  • The ability and willingness to interact relationally with co-workers and park visitors of different faiths, backgrounds, and cultures.
  • Summer availability of at least 90 days, through August 20th or later (as close to Labor Day as possible) or winter availability of 4 months or more.
  • A commitment to ministry and calling.
  • A teachable spirit and a great attitude!
  • If you are a seminary or graduate student, you may have opportunities for additional ministry opportunities! Click here to learn more!


Why You Should Apply

  • Embrace spiritual, personal, and leadership development opportunities.
  • Work, live, and serve in a national park.
  • Discover your leadership skills and capacities through through a leadership assessment and coaching. See for additional information about our partner organization, The Lions Lead.
  • Develop leadership attributes through practical application and practice.
  • Respond to God’s call to offer ministry in the unique culture of a national park.
  • Seminarians and graduate students qualify for a $2,000 scholarship ($3,000 for returning graduate students).
  • Receive Field Education credit through your school (consult your school for opportunities).
  • Experience one of ACMNP’s National Training Conferences at our main Colorado training or alternate conference in Indiana.
  • Outstanding ministry preparation!

Your Questions Answered

Where and when is training?

All team members will be asked to join us for an in-person training in Estes Park, Colorado April 12-14, 2024. Details will be available upon acceptance of a placement offer for the summer season. If you are serving the winter of 2024/25, your training will either be in Estes Park, Colorado (Rocky Mtn NP) on October 4-6 or in Gatlinburg, Tennessee (Great Smoky NP) November 15-17.

How much does it cost to participate in an experience with ACMNP?

Ministry Program Fee (Summer/Winter Traditional Program)

There is a $350 Program Fee that covers your training, a leadership assessment, coaching, ministry materials, mid-season support, and a post-season debrief designed to help transition from and process your ministry time in a park. Returning alumni will have a reduced Program Fee of $275. Some team members choose to raise support to help cover these costs. We can help with a fundraising manual.

Additional costs:

Your travel costs to/from training and your assigned park.  We strongly recommend that you consider taking a car to your assigned park. Although, several parks are not accessible by car including: Glacier Bay, Isle Royale, and North Cascades.

Please keep in mind that the expenses related to recruiting, training, and supporting each team member exceeds $2,500.  These additional costs are covered by hundreds of faithful supporters of ACMNP who want to invest in you and your ministry in a park.

What does my Program Fee cover?

Your fee helps to cover the following:

  • Training Conference
  • Leadership Assessment – Administered online through our partner, The Lions Lead.
  • Assessment Interpretation – Trained volunteers and ACMNP staff will assist in the interpretation of your assessment.
  • ACMNP T-Shirt and Sticker
  • Ministry Supplies (worship books, publicity, park permit processing, etc.)
  • Mid-Season Support
  • Post-season debrief (at various locations)

Do I have to raise support?

No, but it is strongly recommended.  You can raise money to cover your Program Fee, travel to your training, and travel to your park. Some team members decide to raise a little extra for special outreach projects in the park (community meal, themed event, Christmas in July, etc.).

Are there resources to help me with fundraising?

After you receive a placement offer, a fundraising manual is available upon request to help get you started. Call the national office for encouragement, ideas, and support.


How much money can I make during a season?

It depends on your specific job, but most team members are able to take home $2,500 – 3,000 after expenses are covered at the end of a summer season, and more than double this in a longer winter season.

Does an ACMNP experience count for Field Education Credit?

Many colleges and seminaries will consider a placement with ACMNP for field education credit.  Due to the high concentration of international employees working and visiting the national parks, several schools will count time serving with ACMNP as a cross-cultural experience.  Consult your academic advisors and field education departments for more information.  Let us know if your school needs additional information about the program.

Is there local support
in the parks?

Many parks have local support called Ministry Support Committees (MSC).  Due to the remote locations of some parks, a local committee is not feasible.  The national office will provide support as needed to all parks.  A representative of ACMNP will visit your park.  Prayer partners are also provided.  It is strongly recommended that you build a team of supportive friends and family who will pray for you and provide financial resources.

Will I have a mentor?

Probably not, though this type of support may be possible through your local Ministry Support Committee. Often times, team members use their prayer partners, team members, or leadership assessment coaches in this manner. The strong leadership development nature of our ministry may mean that you are a mentor during your ACMNP experience. If having a mentor is important to you, please feel free to reach out to us and we can discuss possibilities.

Seminarians should let the ACMNP National Staff know as soon as possible if a mentor is required for their Field Education experience. We will make sure that a mentor is available to you either locally or through the national office.

How will I be trained?

Summer Placements
All Ministry Team Members serving in the summer will participate in a mandatory training in Estes Park, Colorado April 12-14, 2024. If you have an unavoidable conflict, please reach out to us. Pre-conference and post-conference online materials will also be made available. There are additional resources available through email, the team GroupMe, and our website.

Winter Placements
All Ministry Team Members serving in the summer will participate in a mandatory training in Estes Park, Colorado Oct. 4-6, 2024 or Gatlinburg, Tennessee Nov. 15-17, 2024. If you have an unavoidable conflict, please reach out to us.There are additional resources available through email, the team GroupMe, and our website.

Can I be excused from training?

The ACMNP training is mandatory and is considered vital for your success and the health of your team. If you have an unavoidable conflict, please reach out to us and we can talk through possibilities.


Are scholarships available?

Four types of scholarships are awarded.

  1. Seminary or Graduate School (theological or ministry related studies)
    • Seminarian scholarships are awarded in the amount of $2,000 for first time Ministry Team Members enrolled in graduate studies.  The scholarships are increased to $3,000 for returning seminarians.  The scholarships are awarded upon the successful completion of the student’s commitment to ACMNP and their park employer in their summer or winter season.
  1. Financial Need – Limited funds are available through the generosity of friends of ACMNP to help with a participant’s Program Fee. The amount of the scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the national staff.
  2. Director’s Awards – Each summer three scholarships will be awarded to outstanding Ministry Team Members whose service to Christ, their team, their park community, and ACMNP is deemed outstanding and exceptionally effective.
  3. Advanced Leadership Development Program (ALDP)
    • If chosen to participate in the ALDP, a $1,000 scholarship will be awarded upon successful completion of the summer ministry program and fulfillment of commitments made to ACMNP and the park employer.

How does ACMNP choose team leaders?

The national staff prayerfully considers many sources of information in appointing team leaders including, but not limited to: application, references, indication of a desire to lead, interviews, results from The Lions Lead leadership assessment, recommendations, and personal conversations.

What is the Advanced Leadership Development Program (ALDP) and how do I apply?

The Advanced Leadership Development Program or ALDP is designed to provide a deeper level of leadership training and development. A limited number of participants, usually 12-15, are accepted in the program each summer. A $1,000 scholarship is awarded which may be offered in addition to the Seminarian Scholarship.

To apply, check out this link: You can also reach out to our national office to request an application: Please email

While alum and seminarians may receive priority for this program, any team member is welcome and encouraged to apply!

What is The Lions Lead?

The Lions Lead is a partner organization that provides world-class leadership development tools to organizations and individuals globally. Ministry Team Members will take the Successful Student Profile (valued at $150) online through The Lions Lead. This resource is covered in your Program Fee. Participants in the ALDP will take the more robust and substantial Leader Manager Profile (valued at $400). This resource is covered by generous donors through ACMNP. Additional information can be found at:

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