Our Mission: To embody and extend the ministry of Jesus Christ through worship, witness, and the development of Christian leaders.

After prayer and careful deliberation by our staff, it is my honor to extend to you the call to serve as a ministry team member with A Christian Ministry in the National Parks (ACMNP) at Isle Royale National Park.

If you accept this call to ministry, you will provide worship services for those who visit, work, and live in the national park.  You will strive to give faithful witness to the power and love of Jesus Christ to everyone with whom you come in contact.  You will be a servant leader.

Don’t take this call or your personal preparation lightly.  Work, life, and ministry in the park can be difficult.  Pay careful attention to your planning and training.  As the Apostle Paul modeled for us, the combination of work and ministry will provide life-changing opportunities for you and the individuals with whom you will interact.  In the unique setting of the national park, much of your ministry will be informal as you serve the Lord through your job.

Your Response…

  • First, prayerfully consider this call and your realistic interest in serving with ACMNP.
  • Second, fill out the Accept/Decline submission form at the end of this page after reading our Terms & Conditions.  Contact Lauren in the ACMNP National Office at (800) 786-3450 or info@acmnp.com if you have questions or need additional information.
  • If you acceptcomplete the employment application within 48 hours of your acceptance of this call to national park ministry.  Click here to begin the application process.  While we will recommend you for employment, your potential job offer will be based on your employment history, job preference, and position availability.  Most of our team members are hired for one of their top three choices as an hourly employee.  Your patience is appreciated as every concessionaire conducts their employment process differently.  It could take several weeks or months for you to receive a job offer.  Rest assured, we will walk through this process with you.
  • Finally, once you accept this call, it is our expectation that you will fulfill your commitments to your employer and ACMNP.  You can expect to hear from our Director of Program and Leadership, Dave Degler, with next steps, encouragement, training materials, and instructions on your participation in the mandatory pre-season training conference.

ACMNP expects that you will be a light of Christ’s love through your attitude and work ethic.  As you embrace the missional life, you will have countless opportunities to maximize your impact as you build relationships with co-workers and visitors.  If you are open to what God can do, you will certainly be blessed through the challenge as you serve in one of the most amazing places on earth.  Welcome to the ACMNP family!

Amy Kennedy & Dave Degler
Co-Executive Directors