Skyland Amphitheater

Big Meadows Campground Amphitheater

​Shenandoah National Park

One of three parks within the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains where ACMNP has a presence, Shenandoah is unique…

Hikes, Skies & Stars

I did a lot of hiking this summer and one of my favorite hikes was called Old Rag.

Beyond my Control

This summer, I was reminded that my life is not about me executing plans that I make.

Streams of Mercy

Before ACMNP I thought leadership meant “having it all together” in order to show others the “right way to go.”

Hope in Prayer

ACMNP caused me to discover that it can be fulfilling to take a position that you feel you are not prepared for.

Beautiful Places & Broken People

My husband Bill and I have enjoyed camping in Shenandoah National Park, mostly at Loft Mountain Campground, for many years.