Mt. Rushmore Amphitheatre

Mt. Rushmore National Memorial

In the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota is a testament to America’s past, present, and future – Mt. Rushmore National Memorial.

Becoming a Leader

My summer with ACMNP caused me to become a stronger leader in my faith.

Prayer & Stars

I saw God working though our ministry when a fellow employee had been in an accident on the roads and ended up in the hospital for weeks…


One week, it was my turn to give the message the following Sunday, so I went outside and found a pretty spot on a hill…

Surrounded by Beauty

There are a couple of times that stand out, of when I really felt I had encountered God in creation.

Transformed Journeys

A month into my season at Mt Rushmore, I was asked by a co-worker if I could give her a ride to Ohio as I was coming back to the East Coast at the end of my contract.