Morefield Amphitheater

Mesa Verde National Park

​The southwestern Colorado Plateau is home to the first national park set aside by the National Park Service to “preserve the works of man.”

Exciting Sites

The best thing about this summer was the many exciting things I was able to do.

Living in Harmony

I grew relationally and in learning to trust this summer: letting people into my heart, giving my heart more to others…

Bolder in Belief

This summer was an awesome place to be outside of a Christian bubble.

Prayer Works

God has taught me that life is too short to be shy. There is too much to be done for His kingdom to sit back and let others do it for you.

A Love So Undeniable

From beginning to end this ministry was God moving in my life. When I signed up for ACMNP I had just come out of an unhealthy relationship with my then fiancé.