Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is “America’s Favorite Drive,” encompassing 469 miles of gentle, rolling mountain splendor from Virginia to North Carolina.

Peaks of Otter Campground Amphitheater

Mt. Pisgah Campfire Circle

Bikers, Bibles & Butterflies

In May a big biker man came into the restaurant, and after telling him I was from South Dakota, he asked what could have possibly brought me to North Carolina.

Filled with Surprises

It was easy to see God working throughout my summer. When we arrived we found out that people knew we were coming and were expecting us.

Worth Exploring

The best thing about this summer was my relationship with my teammate. We were really well matched and shared a lot of the same values and even sense of humor.

Deepening Friendships

The best thing: The people. There are so many amazing people who work at Mt Pisgah, especially in housekeeping.

Part of Their Story

My favorite part about ACMNP was getting to hear and be a part of all my coworkers’ stories.